How to Improve Learning with these Easy Easter Games

picture of kids playing easter games
Students love these fun easy Easter games!

Improve learning with these easy Easter games

I have discovered a great strategy to improve learning is playing games and these easy Easter games have made that a simple process to implement in my classroom. I always look for ways to add active learning strategies to my teaching and games are the perfect solution! My students get so excited when I tell them that we are going to play a game and these resources have made a profound impact for my students.

I like to make my games coordinate with our theme for the week, so that is why I am focusing on Easter this week.

Fun games for a classroom

You may be asking, “What are some fun games for a classroom?” I love playing Scoot because my students love it and it takes the stress away from doing formal assessments. These Easter themed math games make fun games to play in classroom learning. We have included a teacher guide with additional ideas on how to use these task cards outside of just playing a game. PLUS 3 other games to play! I like to use them in math learning centers with the cute manipulatives. Other teachers have used them as read around the room cards.

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picture of spring math game
My students love playing Scoot!

Best computer math games

I have discovered the best computer math games that students can play independently are games using Boom cards. They are self-checking and my students also love playing them. I love them because they provide great differentiation math instruction options. These particular games include audio instructions and a teacher guide with activities for different levels of learning. This bundle includes practice for counting, skip counting, addition, fractions and money.

Try a few cards from each deck for free!

Literacy Games

We covered math games, so now I want to share what I use for literacy. This vocabulary word game covers science and social studies. Brain Bounce has questions for April Fools Day, Easter, Earth Day, and Spring Weather. My students love this game because they like breaking into teams. They choose their own team names, which is always a blast, and they practice working together. The task cards are so versatile and the teacher guide takes you through every step!

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picture of vocabulary game
Kids love playing this team game!

Another fun game is Spring Memory. These game cards include all the same vocabulary the Brain Bounce vocabulary game has. They have real images of the words and 3 different ways to play the game.

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picture of spring word game
This word game has real photos for students to make better connections.

These digital readers and vocabulary Boom cards include valuable content area literacy and phonics.  They are very versatile and great for differentiation. I can play them on the Smartboard for instruction or my students can play them independently on their laptops. They make great literacy centers and kids can review these vocabulary and phonics skills at home as well.

Try a few cards for free!

Well, I hope that I have answered your question on how we improve learning with Easter games. Try some of them and your students will be learning with games as they have fun this week. It will definitely make your teaching easier and your kids will love you for it!

Happy Easter! 

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