10 Must-Do End of the Year Activities for Students

end of year activities for 1st grade
Great end of year activities for 1st graders

The end of the year is finally here and I know you are ready for your break!   Now, before you get all wrapped up in those last day happy hour plans, you want to keep up the fun and learning until those students leave your care.  I know this can be so challenging toward the end of the year,  so I want to share these 10 end of the year activities for students that are a snap to implement!

End of  year literacy activities to keep their skills on point

End of year literacy activities are such a challenge when you have kiddos that can barely sit still. Here are some ways you can make it relatable and fun.

1. Thank you notes

A very kind thing to do and such a nice way to end the year is to write notes. Have students pick someone that helped them to have a successful year. It can be anyone in school that made an impact on them or maybe it was an adult outside of school. Tell students to write about how this person helped them.

picture of students writing
Writing thank you notes is an easy act of kindness for my students.

2. End of year ela activities with notes to students

As you’re planning your end of year ela activities, it would be helpful for future 1st graders to receive a note that will tell about what they are going to experience in the Fall. Set up a day to go to a Kindergarten class, and your students can share their notes in person. If you do not want to have students write a note, they can just share verbally.

picture of students sharing
Writing to next year’s students is so helpful to them!

3. This is the most effective way to review math skills for 1st graders

What if I told you it was possible to review all your math skills for 1st graders for the year and do nothing but play games until the last day? Don’t believe me? This amazing math resource gives you 6 different games that can be played 5 different ways. You have 30 games to choose from and your students are also reviewing:

  • TIME

CLICK HERE to use this amazing resource all year long!

picture of spiral math review game
These end of the year math activities are great for spiral math review.

We also have fun Scoot games that are great for math and for literacy!

Never played Scoot? Read about it and grab the free Scoot game to try.

Check out our newly revised Phonics Consonant Blends Scoots with picture sorts and worksheets as well as the versatile task cards. You can use the cards in a center, as a read around the room activity or as a Scoot game. We also included other game ideas.

What other teachers are saying:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Extremely satisfied Gemma e.

This was an incredible engaging activity that student found to be so much fun. This had students moving around and engaging with the activity. It was such an amazing way for students to learn their phonics and reading words. This was useful for students of different year levels and ages.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Extremely satisfied Tess N.

“Easy for my students to understand and complete independently.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Extremely satisfied Susan P.

My class loves scoots. It gets them moving and they are still learning. I have them work with a partner too.

I thought Susan had a good idea with having students work as partners. That is a great way to encourage cooperative learning!

4. End of year digital strategies for independent learning

Where would we be without strategies for independent learning at the end of the year? We absolutely LOVE Boom cards because they are easy for your kiddos to do on their own or in partners, and they are self-checking. This little bee math spiral review is insanely fun for the kids to uncover the colors!

Try a few cards for free!

Your students can also enjoy some digital literacy enrichment with this engaging emergent reader from Boom. Students learn end of the year vocabulary, get to see real images, and practice phonics skills.

5. Keep your students active until the end of the year with these fun bee activities

If you want to add to the busy bee theme, then check out this end of year ela activities that includes an end of the year poem and a fun end of the year craft. The poem is about how busy students were during the year and how they learned to be quality students. Some of my students even created fun scenery for their bees.

picture of the end of the year craft
This end of the year craft is a fun thing to do for students for the end of the year.

Fun classroom activities for end of year that everyone can enjoy

Sometimes we just need a little extra fun to get us through those final days. Whether you’re a teacher who goes all out or a teacher who likes to keep it simple, these are a great option. Here are some fun classroom activities for end of year.

6. Choose a theme to give those last days a boost

Here are some themes I have used in my classroom:  Pajama Day, Beach Day, Camping Day where we set up tents, Silly Socks Day, Silly Hat Day, Book Character Day where students dress as their favorite book character , Bubbles Day where we blow bubbles outside, and Game Day where students bring in their board games to play.

7. ABC’s of the last 26 days of school

If you still have 26 days left of school then it would be fun to have something special for each day that starts with the letter of the alphabet. For example, A could be action, so you could have some games outside that would be filled with action, and since that would be the last day of school, it would be perfect for those excited students. B could be looking at books, etc… Of course you would start with the letter Z and go backwards, so the last day of school would be the A. Students can have fun guessing whaat the activity is going to be based on the letter you are on.

picture of teacher and student with letters
My students love finding out the new end of year activity for the day.

8. Beach Ball Autographs

One of the things that I love to do on the last day of school is give my students a beach ball and let them get autographs from all their friends in the classroom. My students get so excited about this activity. You could let autographs be your A word if you are doing the ABC’s of the last 26 days of school.

kids writing on beach ball
My kids love autographing each other’s beach balls.

9. Sidewalk Chalk Fun

I love to get my students’ creative juices flowing and a great way to do that is with sidewalk chalk. Encourage them to draw a favorite memory of their school year or say hello to a teacher or friend in their drawings. Draw about a dream vacation.

picture of kids drawing with chalk at school
One of the easiest and fun end of the year activities for students is drawing memories with sidewalk chalk.

10. Shaving Cream Fun

A wonderful way to clean those sticky student desks is with shaving cream. Students love the feel of it as they draw in it and it cleans their desks. Win! win! It is also a good way to get my students to clean everything out of their desks, because they know that has to be done before they get the shave cream.

Have an amazing last few days and enjoy your Summer!

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