How these End of the Year activities for students will actually propel your students

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These end of the year literacy activities will keep students engaged and having fun as they continue learning.

Well, it is that time of the year when you as a teacher are ready for the school year to end. With just a few weeks left, you are looking for some fun classroom activities for end of year. Last week I shared some of our best math standards games that included one for the end of the year. CLICK HERE to read about the only math solution you will need for the rest of the school year. Spiral math review games are a great way to review those math objectives and keep your kiddos on their toes!

End of year literacy activities that get actual results.

I promised to come back and share some end of year ela activities that I like to do with my students. These end of year literacy activities are fun and engaging for students, while providing essential learning benefits…WIN, WIN! My students have loved this end of the year poem year after year. It is a simple poem about what they accomplished this school year. It also emphasizes that they have learned to be good citizens throughout the year, or quality students as we like to put it. We add songs and poems to a poetry notebook all year, so this is the best poem to complete our folders. Talk about an amazing year-round portfolio of student work!

A comment made by one teacher:


A cute poem to end the year. Thanks for sharing your talents.

picture of end of the year poem
This end of the year poem is great for highlighting rhyming words.

Then we added pocket chart cards where my students built the poem. The words that rhyme are in red. One of the end of year activities worksheets I love to use with this is fill in the blanks so the kids complete it after they build the poem in the pocket chart. Great way to keep seeing that amazing growth!

picture of boy doing end of year poem
These end of year literacy activities keep my students engaged in learning.

One of the best parts of this end of the year activities for students is the end of the year craft. It is an easy busy bee that goes along with the poem, “Our Busy Year.” My students loved making it and then reciting the end of the year poem. Some of my students even created cute scenery to go along with their bee creations. I just love when they extend my lessons and show me how much they’ve learned on their own.

picture of the end of the year craft
This end of the year craft is a fun thing to do for students for the end of the year.

A couple of comments made about this fun resource:


“My class and I loved this!! It is a fun activity for all :)”

“Extremely satisfied. Great end of the year activity.”

What sight words can do for your tactile learners

Our sight word center for the end of the year answers the question what sight words are fun and engaging. The cards have a busy bee theme just like our end of the year pack, so it is fun for my students to see this bee theme throughout those last few weeks of school. I like to put 5 fry sight words in a baggie for my students to build, then they can switch bags with each other. I also encourage them to try to build new words with the letters that are in their bags, and make it more fun by adding whiteboards and colorful dry erase markers for them to write their words.
You can see some fun sight word games HERE. 
picture of sight words center
These sight words have a cute end of the year busy bee theme. Students love building their words.

End of year activities worksheets that will inspire your students while making your life easier

These end of year activities worksheets come from our Daily Concept Builders™ program. They will help your students with words for vocabulary because they are thematic. CLICK HERE to read more about the way we use thematic teaching to build stronger connections.
Teach your students about AMERICAN SYMBOLS, GRADUATION, FATHER’S DAY, SUMMER, AND ANIMAL MOVEMENTS and strengthen their phonics skills. Your students will have some TACTILE fun with different themed sheets that allow them to CUT AND PASTE vocabulary words for science as well as social studies in WORD ORDER, FILL IN THE BLANK, and LETTER SCRAMBLE formats.
More activities with vocabulary words to propel your students through until Summer
These thematic worksheets reinforce our vocabulary words for 1st grade in these emergent readers. There is a book for each theme. These easy readers help my students’ to increase their reading with comprehension. The real pictures of the vocabulary words help them to make great connections, especially for my ESL population. They help my students to understand what literacy means. The teacher guide gives ideas on how to incorporate phonics as well. I have actually used this same thematic vocabulary for teaching esl students writing. It helps all my students to stay on topic and they love writing about real things! See samples HERE.
picture of easy readers
These easy readers come in color and black and white.

End of year digital activities for focus, fun, and simple solutions!

Last week I shared a fun spiral math review digital game which by the way also has that cute bee theme. Can you tell, I love thematic teaching?
This end of the year reader in digital Boom cards is a great way to celebrate your students’ progress, and ensure that they keep growing. I like to use this with my students because I can flash the word with the real picture on the Smartboard and do the literacy activities with them and then they can review the activities in a center on their tablets. I never tire of having students come up to me and point out vocabulary words they find in their books. The smiles on their faces bring such joy to my heart as they speak confidently about the meaning of the words, connections between the words, and connections to their own learning.


That’s all for now. Hang in there and end the year strong!

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