3 Learning Styles You Can Reach with Every Morning Meeting

different learning styles during morning meeting
Our students have different learning styles.

How valuable would it be to learn how to create your morning meeting lessons in a way that is designed to support all 3 of the main learning styles’ of students?

How much more time could you save, and impact could you make if you could get your students to easily and eagerly consume the content that you are teaching?

What type of morning meeting activities can you do to incorporate all learning styles types?

These are very important and necessary questions when you are looking to provide meaningful and effective learning experiences for your students. By engaging multiple senses in your lessons, like touch or sound, students may be more likely to understand and retain information. This strategy can be particularly useful for students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Multisensory activities are based in whole brain learning, which is the belief that the best way to teach concepts is by involving multiple areas in the brain. By adding auditory or visual components to reading assignments, like illustrations or online activities, you can help students develop stronger literacy skills.(Waterford.org)

Essential Learning Styles Types

Whether you target these learning styles or not, they still exist for your students, and each student has a different set of learning needs. Every student learns and processes information in different ways, and unless they are given opportunities to experience the information in those ways, they will never truly learn anything.

There are 3 main cognitive learning styles. They are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Understanding common characteristics of these types of learning help us as teachers to provide learning experiences that support all of our students.


Uses visual objects such as pictures, graphs or charts. They learn best by seeing the information.


Learns more effectively by listening to the information. They love music and can remember the songs that they sing.


Learns by interacting with their environments. They need to touch, feel and move to learn best.

When I looked at the learning styles assessment of my students, I realized that they all were not going to learn like me. I had to reflect on and revise my teaching strategies that were mainly for auditory learners because that is what I am. I was seeing off-task behaviors because I was not engaging all of my students, and things had to change.

Once I added these activities for morning meeting, I began to see a complete transformation in my students. They were engaged and excited to learn, and most importantly they actually learned the content.

happy children at school
Students are happy and excited during morning meeting.

Brilliant Ideas for Morning Meeting That You’ll Use Forever

Once I realized my teaching style needed to change, I started researching the best ways to reach all my learners, and over many years of trying different things and tweaking my process, I finally came up with ideas for morning meeting that meet the needs of all my children.

Game-changing Ideas for Visual Learning

I started with my visual learning and started providing more visual resources. Each week began with introducing a theme and displaying word wall cards for vocabulary expansion. They are real images with the words, so my students can connect their brand new vocabulary to familiar images. I also try to provide posters with words to songs we might sing and anchor charts that show student thoughts when we are brainstorming.

social skills vocabulary to reach learning styles
These vocabulary words on citizenship are great for my visual learners.

Innovative Ideas to Instantly Engage Auditory Learning Styles

My auditory learning styles do well with me telling them the meanings of the words and they really benefit from the songs we sing during the greetings for morning meeting. I recommend giving students an opportunity to share their thoughts, either with the class or with each other.

This is not just raising hands and calling on students. The objective is to give every student an opportunity to verbally apply what they’ve just learned.

Boost Kinesthetic Learning with These Amazing Hacks

Use movement in your activities for morning meeting to immediately engage your kinesthetic learning styles. There are so many simple ways to use movement and not add any time to your schedule. Here are just a few:

  • Dancing
  • Charades
  • Pantomiming-come up with movements that link to key words in your lesson. Students will do those movements along with the words

You can read more movement and active learning strategies HERE.

How to Keep Morning Meeting Simple with Different Learning Styles

As long as the sensory materials are in some way related to the subject being taught, they can help students learn important concepts. Many students rely on some senses more than others so varying your multisensory activities can help you make sure you reach all children in your classroom. (Waterford.org)

Morning meeting has been the game-changer for my students with different learning styles because they are engaged in sensory materials that are all related. They learn relevant vocabulary that is connected to a theme of study, and I include activities that benefit the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. This daily routine reinforces academic and social emotional learning, which has tripled my impact in the classroom!

Want to learn more about how to reach all the learning styles of your students during morning meeting?

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different learning styles during morning meeting
Reach every learning style during morning meeting.


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