Why Boom Cards are the Best Resource You Need to Know About

You may be hearing the term boom cards from your friends and colleagues. Maybe you’re hearing about how amazing they are, and how simple they are to use, and you find yourself asking, what are boom cards? It’s a valid question. In a nutshell, they’re magic! But let me elaborate…

What are Boom Cards and Why Do We Love Them?

First of all, “what are boom cards?” is an excellent question! A Boom Learning subscription is absolutely FREE. There are a ton of free decks on the platform and they are so easy to use. You can use them as whole group learning, where you project them on your board, or you can use them in your centers. This is a great way to get started and get comfortable with Boom.

Here’s what you will love right away:


Digital or Printable

They can be used on any digital device, including cell phones, and you have the option of printing if you want!

Fun and Engaging

Students love learning and practicing skills using these decks. They feel like they are playing games, and it makes learning fun!

Ideal Centers

Boom cards make great centers and there is no prep for them so it saves a lot of time.

Why Your Boom Learning Subscription Will Be the Best Investment You Make All Year

Now, it won’t be long until you’re thinking to yourself, “but Brittany, isn’t there more to this Boom Learning subscription?” Yes there absolutely is! Boom is a platform that allows teachers to download free or paid digital activities. Boom “decks” are made up of individual, digital task cards for students to complete, and your students will love them!  

With a paid Boom Learning subscription, you have the opportunity to:

Assign individual decks to different students for easy differentiation

This is probably my favorite thing about boom cards! I love that students can work on whatever skill they are developmentally ready for because I can assign a deck of cards on that specific skill. Once I purchase a deck or download a free deck, it is in my library for me to assign to any student I want. I can get boom cards on every subject. 

Take advantage of self-checking features that will take your data for you(including reports!)  

That’s right! When you get the subscription, not only can you assign what you want to who you want, but the Boom cards app will track your students’ progress in real time. They will get instant feedback about the questions they answered and you get reports…so easy!

Re-assign decks when students need more practice

If you don’t like a student’s results, you can unassign and reassign the same deck and the data will renew. So you only keep the results you need.

Click here to get your own membership for just $25 a year!


How Do Boom Cards Work to Make Your Life Easier?

As I mentioned, they work like digital flashcards. Our decks specifically use many different features to keep engaging with students and to boost student motivation. Boomcards .com does a fantastic job of walking you through the process so all your questions are answered right away. 

Preview the Deck to Instantly Love This Independent Learning Strategy

Boom cards are a fantastic independent learning strategy that stretch student brains a little more than typical educational video games. You can preview 4 cards from any deck for FREE before you make a purchase.

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boom cards are perfect for independent learning centers

Emergent Readers are the Perfect Active Learning Strategy

These emergent reader boom cards are a great active learning strategy for your tactile students. What makes them unique is that they are designed to be books instead of flashcards. Each reader follows a sequence with audio recording, so your student has the option of being read to or reading independently.

  • Each one includes real images of relevant words related to your units
  • Each one has comprehension questions to check reading comprehension
  • Each one has a familiar tune the students can sing
  • Each one has a journal extension activity at the end

The emergent reader and activities collection includes a special phonics section at the end as well

CLICK HERE for an example preview.


Happy Teaching!

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