Try Boom Cards with these 5 components to Instantly Improve Reading Comprehension

Boom Cards on smart board
Boom Cards are a great way to improve reading comprehension!

As teachers, we’re always looking for new and engaging ways to help our students improve their reading comprehension. A reading tool that is quickly gaining popularity in classrooms across the country is Boom Cards.

With a wide range of interactive learning activities, they can provide highly effective support while making the learning process more enjoyable and stimulating. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why Boom Cards are such an invaluable resource for increasing reading comprehension and how you can incorporate them into your classroom today.

4 BIG reasons why Boom cards are amazing

They are FREE!

You can use Boom Cards by using the Fast Play option. This allows teachers to create links to send to students.

Digital or Printable

They can be used on any digital device, including smart boards and cell phones, and you have the option of printing if you want!

Fun and Engaging

Students love learning and practicing skills using these decks. They feel like they are playing games, and it makes learning fun!


kids playing Boom Cards on ipads
Boom Cards are fun and engaging and students love them!
Ideal Centers

Boom cards make great centers and there is no prep for them so it saves a lot of time. They are also the best resource to use for substitute teachers. You can already have decks assigned to students or the sub can instruct on the smart board for the entire class.

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With an annual Boom Learning subscription, your life becomes a whole lot easier

Assign individual decks to different students for easy differentiation

This is probably my favorite thing about boom cards! I love that students can work on whatever skill they are developmentally ready for because I can assign a deck of cards on that specific skill. Once I purchase a deck or download a free deck, it is in my library for me to assign to any student I want. I can get Boom Cards on every subject.

Take advantage of self-checking features that will take your data for you(including reports!)

That’s right! When you get the subscription, not only can you assign what you want to who you want, but the Boom Cards app will track your students’ progress in real time. They will get instant feedback about the questions they answered and you get reports…so easy!

Re-assign decks when students need more practice

If you don’t like a student’s results, you can unassign and reassign the same deck and the data will renew. So you only keep the results you need.

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Now you can instantly improve reading comprehension with Boom cards

These emergent reader reading comprehension boom cards are a great active learning strategy for your tactile students. What makes them unique is that they are designed to be books instead of flashcards.

Each reader follows a sequence with audio recording, so your student has the option of being read to or reading independently. The great thing about these digital readers is that students can practice them over and over until they learn all the words. They will also practice phonics using these Boom Cards. Try a few cards for free.

Boom Cards for reading comprehension
Students increase reading comprehension with these Boom Cards with real photos and audio.

5 game-changing components for each Boom Reader

1- Each digital book has a familiar tune the students can sing. After the students read or listen to the story, there is a song with the exact words that they just read. There is an acapella recording of the song that students can listen to.  Recent studies are showing that music can be a powerful tool in improving reading comprehension. By incorporating songs into the reading program, students are able to recall new information more quickly and with greater accuracy. Listening to music has been linked to increased motivation and creativity which are both essential for understanding what is being read.

Notice how quiet the students are listening to the song, and how engaged they are answering the questions. This reader is on SEL skills and is available in this reading comprehension bundle

2-Each reader includes real pictures of relevant words related to science or social studies.

This is a powerful and engaging way to learn language and communication skills. Using real photos helps students make connections by visualizing words and terms that may be difficult to remember. They can deepen their understanding of a concept as they see it come alive in front of them, helping them develop critical thinking skills and better comprehend complex topics. With this active form of learning, students are able to gain the most out of their reading materials.

3- Comprehension questions come in all of our Boom Cards.

We feel like comprehension questions is an effective way to increase our readers’ understanding and absorption of the material. Not only are they helpful for us as educators in assessing student learning, but they also promote deeper engagement with the text by encouraging readers to think more critically about what they read. These comprehension questions help students develop their reading comprehension skills and help them keep their focus when reading or listening to the text.

4-There are phonics questions that are included with these Boom Cards.

We introduce this audio section to the students, by saying, “And now it’s time to be phonics detectives”.  Phonics is an integral part of learning how to read. It is the foundation that sets children up for success in their academic futures. Including phonics in reading comprehension increases a child’s ability to sound out words, recognize patterns, and understand the meaning behind the words. As a professional in the education field, it is essential to emphasize the importance of phonics, and its impact on reading comprehension skills.  By providing a strong foundation in phonics, children will have the tools they need to read confidently and accurately, leading to success in all areas of their academic careers.

5-Our Boom Readers come with a journal extension activity.

One way to improve reading comprehension and encourage writing is by using journal activities. This involves taking time to reflect on what has been read, which can help to improve understanding of the material. For instance, we have our students identify a new idea they learned or how they plan to apply what they have learned.  When implemented regularly, these journal activities are an effective tool for increasing reading comprehension as students gain knowledge and sharpen skills in recalling, creating and reflecting.

In conclusion, Boom Cards are an excellent way to help increase reading comprehension in the classroom. Not only can it help students to develop basic understanding, but it can also add depth to their understanding of any reading material. With its fun interactive approach, Boom Cards provide teachers and students with an enjoyable learning process. It’s perfect for teachers who want their students to have a more engaging experience with reading. Students also benefit from the immediate feedback that Boom Cards offer. If you’re looking for a way to improve your classroom’s reading comprehension skills, then give Boom Cards a try! Check out these reading comprehension Boom Cards, and see how they can level up your instruction today!

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