Make Earth Day Fun with these Engaging Reading and Math Activities

earth day activities
Students will love these fun and engaging Earth Day reading and math activities.

As Earth Day approaches, educators are presented with a valuable opportunity to instill environmental awareness and responsibility in students. One effective way to do this is through engaging reading comprehension and math activities that not only educate but also inspire action. In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of resources and activities designed to promote understanding of environmental issues and encourage students to become stewards of the planet.

Reading Comprehension Activities:

  1. Earth Day Reading Passages: Utilize age-appropriate articles and passages about Earth Day and environmental conservation. Websites like offer a plethora of free reading comprehension materials tailored to different grade levels.

We have this Earth Day poem that can also be a song. I like to have students illustrate it and place it in a poetry folder, so they can review it. There is also a pocket chart center where students can build the poem, then complete a fill in the blank worksheet, as well as vocabulary and sight word worksheets. A fluency sheet is included.

Earth Day Activities
Students make great connections using these Earth Day resources!

2. Discussion Questions: After reading a passage or article, encourage students to engage in discussions about the main ideas, key vocabulary, and solutions to environmental challenges. This fosters critical thinking and encourages students to reflect on their own impact on the planet. We use word wall cards that have real photos from our Earth Day book. There are also questions in the back of the book.

Would you like these Earth Day reading activities in digital format?

We have got you covered!

Check out this brand new bundle where you can get everything mentioned above plus a digital Boom reader with audio on every card and a Boom Vocabulary deck with audio. Students also get to be phonics detectives and word detectives. They love this!

Click on the image below to try out a few cards for free!

earth day digital boom cards
Students increase reading comprehension and practice phonics as they learn about Earth Day.


Earth Day Boom Cards
Students will increase vocabulary as well as practice phonics as they read about Earth Day.


3. Writing: I encourage my students to write about their thoughts and ideas. I like to introduce the word wall cards during morning meeting. My students will pair off or do a turn and talk about the vocabulary words.  They also use the words in a writing center.

earth day writing
Students use the Earth Day vocabulary in their writing.

4. Literature Circles: Organize literature circles where students can read and discuss books related to environmental themes. Books such as “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss or “I Can Save the Earth.”  provide rich opportunities for exploration and discussion. Students can discuss the importance of recycling to help save the earth.

5. Research Projects: Assign research projects that require students to investigate specific environmental issues, such as waste, or pollution. Students can present their findings to the class, fostering collaboration and deeper understanding.

Math Activities

  1. Recycling and Waste Reduction Challenges: Challenge students to track their household waste and recycling habits for a week. They can then use this data to calculate the percentage of waste that is recycled versus sent to the landfill, reinforcing math concepts such as percentages and fractions.
  2. Water Usage Calculations: Engage students in calculating their daily water usage and brainstorming ways to reduce water consumption. This activity not only reinforces math skills but also promotes awareness of water conservation practices.
  3. Incorporate the Earth Day theme into Math: I like to use the Earth Day theme into our math skills. This Scoot game is a fun way to practice our numbers and get the kids up and moving. They also like using the cards in a math center with the Earth Day manipulatives.
Earth Day math gamesome
Students can use these Earth Day manipulatives in a math center.

Additional Resources:

  1. Online Games and Quizzes: Websites like National Geographic Kids and NASA Climate Kids offer interactive games and quizzes that reinforce concepts related to Earth Day and environmental science.

Our students also love Boom Cards! They are digital and self-checking. Here are some that we created for Earth Day. Just click on the pictures to try them out!

picture of earth day math game
Kids love learning about missing numbers using these self-checking Boom cards.
earth day boom cards
Students love building the earth as they solve subtraction problems with these Boom cards.


  1. Virtual Field Trips: Take students on virtual field trips to national parks, wildlife reserves, or recycling facilities. Virtual tours provide immersive experiences that supplement classroom learning and connect students to real-world environmental initiatives.
  2. Guest Speakers: Invite local environmental activists, scientists, or policymakers to speak to your class about their work and the importance of environmental conservation. Guest speakers can provide valuable insights and inspire students to take action in their own communities.

Conclusion: By incorporating reading comprehension and math activities centered around Earth Day and environmental themes, educators can empower students to become informed and active participants in protecting the planet. These engaging resources not only enhance academic skills but also cultivate a sense of environmental stewardship that will benefit future generations. As we celebrate Earth Day, let us remember the importance of educating and inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders.

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