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What if I told you some of the most widely accepted direct teaching methods are actually the least effective way to help K1 students learn?

Think back on this year...

  • Did you trudge through daily lessons, spending more time reminding students to be quiet and pay attention than delivering content? 
  • Did you spend hours planning and sleepless nights stressing all resulting in low retention rates and blank stares from your students?
  • Did you question everything you've ever learned, wondering if this was the wrong profession for you?

That's okay! The reality is that some of the direct instruction methods we learned in school just don't work for little kiddos. It's difficult for them to sit still and quiet for more than a few minutes.


What if I told you the ultimate solution was to actually give them more time to talk?

Sounds bananas right? But hear me out. Research tells us that students are more likely to pay attention and retain information when it is relevant to them.

So how can you create these essential connections?

Use this FREE guide filled with teacher magic that has been cultivated over decades in the classroom. This 5 step process will guarantee focused, enthusiastic, lifetime learners every single year!

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