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Our passion for music quickly became a passion for helping teachers find a way to reach their students in an individual and personal way.

The goal for every resource we create and share is to utilize a students’ natural love of learning and natural way of learning. This type of carefully thought out intuitive learning approach helps students learn in a more meaningful, lasting way.


To be honest, goals have been my elusive white whale for quite some time. For years, I’ve fixated on living into what my life will become.

I will lose more weight.

I will achieve this benchmark in my teaching.

I will see this growth in my business.

I have always been a textbook overachiever. If you need help with something, I’m there. Need me to reschedule my life for a small favor? You got it! Will I go out of my way to buy a meaningful gift just to make someone’s day? You bet!

Now you may be thinking, why is this bad? That would have been my thought back in the day. It was bad because I was burning out quick. I had zero boundaries and in my attempt to be everything all the time, I exhausted myself and got nothing done. On top of that, I wasn’t achieving my goals because I was always afraid of failing.

Then, I finally realized I needed to let go. I began to celebrate my progress, no matter how small, and I began to trust my students to do more on their own.

Now I’m getting to know my students better, learning their specific needs, and working to engage them in being more independent.

I have more energy, my students are more fulfilled, and most importantly, I have healthy boundaries that allow me to give my best to everyone.

Does this sound like you? Read below about how to let go and have more impact in your classroom!


Let me tell you about the time my entire teaching career changed. I was doing great. I had a job I loved, students I adored, and everything was running smoothly. I delivered my lessons and my students listened to them and I was content.

One day, I was delivering a social studies lesson as I usually did, when one of my students raised their hand and asked this question: “what is an umbrella?” A thought hit me like a punch to the gut! 50% of my students are from another country with English as a second language. Some do not know what an umbrella is. I began to reexamine everything. Did my students really understand what I was teaching? Have I failed them all these years?

After a bit of freaking out, I regained my sanity and came to this conclusion: I need to serve each of my students by name and by need. From that point on, I spent all of my time and energy developing systems in my classroom that will help my students to learn from me, from themselves, and from each other.

Now, I share those successes with other teachers and help them to do the same for their classrooms.

Read below about how you can individualize your students’ learning!