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Math Fun with Snowmen

I started out by reading this book and discussing the idea of groups.  The kids in the story end up building 2 snowmen that each have 3 balls.  We drew the pictures of the snowmen

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January Word of the Day

I was so happy to see how having a word a day from our January Calendar had such an awesome response today.  The word was “habits” I did a little demonstration on how to show

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January Word Activities

Today one of my ELL students was taking an IStation Assessment and made the comment.”Look,this is a wreath. That word was on our December calendar.” She was so excited that she knew that. My students

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Quick Parent Gifts

S0, when you need a quick parent gift, paste a picture on foam ornaments from Michaels and have your students use glitter pens to decorate. Then just have them make a card and decorate a

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Pumpkin Flipbooks

  My students did a great job on our pumpkin flip books!  They had so much fun making them.  A couple of my students said they knew how to put the pumpkin cycle in order

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Great Vocabulary idea!

My students are learning so much vocabulary from our calendar pieces.  They have their own copy of the calendar and they write the word of the day, number of syllables, picture and write about the

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This is a 20 page book that teaches about kindness starring Quentin and his friend Mandy.  Included is a coloring book that my students loved coloring and keeping in their book bags!  It is on

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