Who We Are

We are Pam and Brittany. Pam is an Elementary age teacher of 34 years, and Brittany is a musician of 15 years, with a certification in music education. We produced our CD, Come On and Ride into Social Studies, in 2012, with lyrics designed around the VA social studies objectives for the SOL test.

Our passion for music quickly became a passion for helping developing learners. The goal for every resource is to utilize a student’s natural love of learning and natural way of learning. This type of intuitive learning approach helps students learn in a meaningful and lasting way.

Our Mission

To understand our mission, you must first understand who are resources are designed for.

Developing Learners

What is a developing learner? You may already have some ideas of your own, and even some students that come to mind. Picture a student whose special circumstances cause them to misbehave or disengage altogether.  So often, we see this student as reluctant, bored, or worse, disinterested.  In fact, this student may be new to our language, have a diagnosed learning condition, or even have difficult experiences at home. Our goal is to foster literacy and provide understanding for these developing learners. Through our articles and downloadable resources, you will be able to create a lifelong love of learning for your developing  learners!


When you think of literacy, It’s safe to say the skills that are most prominent in your mind are reading and writing.  According to the International Reading Association, literacy is understood as ” the ability to read, write, understand and interpret, and discuss multiple texts across multiple contexts (IRA, 2012).”  By this definition, S.O.L. Train Learning promotes comprehension and application in addition to reading and writing.  This comprehension and application spans across math, science, and social studies, in addition to language arts.

Our Stations of Literacy

S.O.L. stands for Stations of Literacy.  These are the stations we utilize in creating our resources, and writing articles you can apply in your classroom.  Our stations are organized into two categories, based on our interpretation of Bloom’s Taxonomy.


  • Recall: The ability to repeat information that is given.  S.O.L. Train Learning resources provide varied repetition, through multiple modalities, that allows information to be absorbed while students remain engaged.
  • Connect: The ability to link learning events, either one subject to another, one concept to another, or classroom information to personal experience.  S.O.L. Train Learning provides multi-faceted resources that build connections for stronger learning.


  • Decode: The ability to interpret, operate, and use information based on a strong foundation of understanding.  S.O.L. Train Learning’s resources encourage students to access information in order to respond to problems or questions.
  • Analyze: The ability to examine, question, and test information as it can be applied to a given task.  S.O.L. Train Learning provides resources that foster independent thinking for students.
  • Create: The ability to construct a work based on a strong foundation of understanding.  S.O.L. Train Learning’s resources invite students to be creative and to utilize their own experiences and inspiration in completing tasks.