November Cut and Paste Vocabulary Activities

Download ResourceDon’t Have an Account?Register Now!There are  three different kinds of sheets divided up into 5 themes. These November cut and paste sentence activities will help your students with November events like Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving past, and Thanksgiving present and Forces and Motion. Your students will cut and glue November turkey shaped words and build November Thanksgiving activities sentences. They will copy their November cut and glue turkey shaped sentences and illustrate what they write. They will use phonetic elements when asked questions like What is the blend or digraph? There is also a November bonus sentence for them to answer. You could use bonus sentences as a November class book on Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving past, and Thanksgiving present.

BRAND NEW: We’ve included 25 sight words from Fry list 4!


  • 30 sheets of November cut and glue Election Day activities, Veterans Day activities, Thanksgiving activities past, and Thanksgiving activities present and Forces and Motion
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Answer Sheet

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