Story Elements Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Bundle


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Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to maximize literacy for all your students with just 15 min a day
  • How to have the BEST morning meeting you’ve ever had
  • Our signature framework that’s guaranteed to get you results and save you time with rinse and repeat processes
  • How to minimize behavior by enhancing students’ learning experiences
  • Learn LEADER, PRESIDENT, COUNTRY, FARMER, PATRIOT, GENERAL, ENGLAND  and HISTORY in a  series of resources jam-packed with amazing comprehension and connections for your students. 

Here are some of the things our teachers have experienced so far:

This is a great resource for my students.  They were able to get started quickly and remain engaged.” -Kyla R

“We love the vocabulary! Our conversations are the best, thank you.” -Tonya M

 “This is a high-quality resource. Cleverly designed and accessible to students, this is a must for the modern classroom.” -Kenny’s Classroom

Now you can get all the resources you need to help your students get laser-focused and actually apply science and social studies concepts ALL YEAR LONG! CLICK HERE to learn more.

We have created this resource to help with learning about story elements  for kindergarten and first grade students while increasing reading comprehension, building vocabulary skills and practicing phonics.  

Finally, a way to build stronger literacy skills without the stress of traditional word study! 

Our teacher guide will show you exactly how to turn your emergent learners into grade-level readers with just 15 minutes a day. With Daily Concept Builders literacy… 

Your students will: 

  • Utilize decoding, comprehension, and critical thinking skills to  give them a whole picture of what they are reading
  • Learn phonemes in context rather than in isolation, allowing  them to better transfer their skills to all reading 
  • Increase fluency as they understand the rhythm of the text  through our piggyback song format 
  • Experience comprehension and connection through real photos  and concept-based vocabulary 
  • Learn naturally how to apply all their skills as needed

You will: 

  • Easily differentiate with our emergent readers empty literacy  boxes for customized phonics practice 
  • Save time and money by utilizing resources that fit seamlessly  with any reading program 
  • Experience your students’ joy, confidence, and independence  as they become purposeful readers
  • Just added: Differentiated Worksheets for students to cut vocabulary and sight words and paste them in correct order. There is a version with just 4 words and  a version with 6 words. Both have a bonus question that encourages critical thinking.
  • Learn BOOK, AUTHOR, READING, ILLUSTRATOR, SETTING, PROBLEM, CHARACTERS  and SOLUTION in a  series of resources jam-packed with amazing comprehension and connections for your students. 


Emergent Reader Hard Copy 

  • Color Interactive STORY ELEMENTS book  w/literacy box
  • BW Interactive STORY ELEMENTS book  w/literacy box
  • Single sheet with the words to illustrate and put in poetry folders
  • Teacher Guide

Virtual Boom Emergent Reader 

  • Emergent reader book with audio
  • Recorded song for easy fluency
  • Comprehension questions
  • Phonics questions
  • Vocabulary questions
  • Writing prompt
  • Teacher guide

Virtual Bonus Boom Reader: 

At no extra cost to you, we added the Boom reader with just the story, song and questions for your differentiated needs. We know some of your students may not be ready to answer the phonics questions.

Word Wall Cards 

  • Full-color vocabulary cards with photos to match  emergent reader
  • Teacher guide

Virtual Boom Vocabulary Cards 

  • Full-color vocabulary pages with photos to match  emergent reader
  • Step-by-step pages to walk you through your entire  word study process with each vocabulary word -Teacher guide
  • Differentiated Worksheets
  • 8 sheets with 4  cut and paste words
  • 8 sheets with 6  cut and paste words
  • answer key
  • teacher guide

Master Literacy for EVERY Student in 15 Minutes a Day!