Blends and Digraphs Phonics Activities Scoot Game Bundle

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Your students will love playing Scoot as they practice blends and digraphs. You can use the cards to pre-assess, review or assess what they learned about blends.

Use the picture sorts and worksheets in reading centers.

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Students love to play with phonics using these fun scoot games that help them  practice those tricky sounds and get out some wiggles at the same time. You can use it as an assessment after teaching blends or just as a fun practice tool.

You can also play Around the World where a card is shown to 2 students standing, and the first one to yell out the answer moves to the next desk. The student that makes it to the most desks wins.Includes:

2 Games

Directions to “Scoot”

24 task cards and 4 Take a Break Cards if you have more than 24 students

recording sheets

Answer Keys

Blends with l

Blends with r

Blends with s


13 differentiated worksheets

Picture Sorts in color and black and white with word cards to match