Back to School Literacy Centers Bundle


For a limited time, get our September Literacy Centers Bundle for over 50%!  It includes an editable colored September calendar and a black and white version student version, Thematic ELA books using the calendar vocabulary, Cut and paste activities, Display cards of real photos of the calendar words, Brain Bounce game with questions about the September words, Memory Game, and Sight Word Center. Students learn great content-area vocabulary as well as sight words. They love the real photographs in the books , which are also great for English Language Learners. The word wall cards are great to use in a writing center, and the games are a lot of fun!

  This Back to School  Literacy Centers Bundle is everything you need to teach great vocabulary in a fun and engaging way! We have bundled all of our Daily Concept Builders™ September activities. building to over 150 pages of awesome word of the day vocabulary games, word of the day cut and paste, books, and other sheets to increase your students’ awareness of September vocabulary. September words have MATH, READING, WEATHER, and CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR themes. The September cut and paste activities and sight word center have matching sight words. These resources make great learning centers!

We have also added our brand new September Word Wall cards. These cards have real photos of the calendar words. They are a great picture support for your ELL students and the pictures are the same as the pictures in the books and Memory game.


Vocabulary Display Cards

Daily Concept Builders™ September Calendar

Daily Concept Builders™ September Books

Sept. Interactive Books

**Because they were so large, we could not include the September Books in the download. Click the link provided in the “sept ela books” file to retrieve your books! Please let us know if you have any problems downloading the books:

Daily Concept Builders™ September Brain Bounce

September Brain Bounce

Daily Concept Builders™ September Activities

Sept. Cut and paste

Daily Concept Builders™ September Memory Game

Sept. Memory Game

September Team 25 Sight Word Center

Sept.Sight word center