Fall Vocabulary Book with Questions


Students love reading and singing the vocabulary words in this simple book about fall. They will be able to match the words to the real photographs and practice phonics in the empty box provided. There are also questions and a teacher’s guide with ideas included.

This cute WORD OF THE DAY FALL VOCABULARY BOOK is great for your fall unit, and is perfect for teaching VOCABULARY. It is one of 5 books associated with our WORD OF THE DAY OCTOBER CALENDAR.

In addition to the color version of the book, there is a black and white version with empty boxes for students to write in. For instance, I use the box to teach phonics. My students write words with the same word chunk or phonetic feature as the vocabulary word on that page. They actually look for the features themselves each day. They love coming up with words to write in their square boxes. There are also real photographs that match the vocabulary words.  The real photographs are great support for ELL students! They will be able to match the vocabulary words at the top of the page to the photograph of it.  There is a teacher guide with ideas included.  I have my students place these books in their book baskets to practice reading.

There is also a page they can illustrate and add to their poetry folders.

 Parents love seeing the books come home, and have commented that their children come home singing the songs as they read the books.

Students learn and read the words FALL, COOL, APPLES, LEAVES, COLOR, and RAKE in a fun PIGGY BACK SONG format!


-Color Interactive FALL book

-BW Interactive FALL book

-Lyrics for song

-Teacher Guide






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