January Cut and Paste Vocabulary and Phonics Activities


You get three different types of cut and paste interactive sheets that incorporate winter vocabulary, sight words and phonics! There is also a bonus question at the bottom of each sheet that encourages critical thinking.

There are three different types of cut and paste sheets that also incorporate phonics! These Word of the Day January activities will help your students with winter vocabulary and sight words! Your students will cut out words of the day that are on snowballs, lay them out and put them in order and glue them in order. They will practice writing sentences with the word of the day and draw what they write. There is also a bonus sentence for them to do. You could use the bonus sentences as a class book on topics about winter.  We are so excited about this word of the day product which now includes activities to include our Team 25 sight words! The word of the day and the sight words that are being highlighted on the sheet are on the top of each sheet. The words are from the second hundred list 1 FRY list
Be sure to check out the January Calendar that introduces the words.
31 sheets of  Winter  Word of the Day Vocabulary
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